CPR Training

CPR BLS Renewal
in Half the Time!

Skip the long class and earn your renewal in about 20 minutes.

CPR BLS Test-out Option Details

No need to get everyone together for a full-length CPR class! Groups re-certifying their CPR BLS certifications* now have the option to skip the class and simply test-out.


The test-out process has two parts:

  1. Online (open book) exam consisting of 21 multiple-choice questions to be completed prior to the scheduled skills test-out. We provide the BLS Exam link and a BLS Exam Review Sheet (in PDF format) ahead of time (typically two weeks before the appointment for the in-person skills test). A passing score of at least 74% must be earned in order to attend the in-person skills test-out. For convenience, this exam is designed to be taken on mobile phone and tablets, but also works on a computer.

  2. In-person skills test-out. A CardioCare instructor brings mannequins, AED trainers and all necessary supplies to your location, where up to five renewal candidates at at time can demonstrate the technical skills required of CPR BLS. Each round of skills test-outs takes up to 20 minutes. Additional groups of employees can follow in consecutive waves.

For example:


Dr. Crentist has a staff of 15 in her office. Instead of going through the scheduling headache of getting all 15 people into the same room at the same time for the full-length CPR class, each staff member takes the online exam ahead of time. A passing score qualifies them for the in-person skills test-out.

Then, during the scheduled test-out, the first group of five staffers meets with our instructor , who will have five adult mannequins and five infant mannequins waiting. The five staffers do their skills test-out at the same time, usually taking less than 20 minutes. 

Then, the second group of five staffers come to repeat the process.

Then, the third group of five staffers come to repeat the process.

Each person is done much faster than they would be if they sat through the whole class, AND no one staff member has had to spend more than 20 minutes away from their responsibilities, making this a more convenient option for the office as a whole.

It’s CPR renewal in half the time!

Want to schedule your team's CPR BLS Test-out? Call us, text us or click the blue button below to request a call.

*CPR BLS issued through the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) / Health and Safety Institute (HSI). CPR BLS certification from the American Heart Association is also available through CardioCare CPR Training, but not with this test-out option.