Online Blended Courses

Click on our SHOP tab on the top left of any page of our website. After selecting the classes you need and adding to your cart, at checkout you'll be asked about shipping. Even though nothing is being shipped, when prompted, enter your information.
STEP 3: Complete the course(s) and exam(s) online
1. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with the link(s) to complete the course you paid for. Complete the course at your own pace…pause….fast forward…rewind….as needed.
WARNING: once you have selected an answer for a question, it is final. You will not be allowed to go back and change any of them. You must achieve a passing score of 70% or better and you will know immediately upon exam completion. If you score below 70%, you will need to go back to our SHOP tab on this site and purchase a “Retake” for the course that you didn't pass. There will be an additional fee ($10-15). ASHI requires a test for online classes & charges us for each exam so we cannot give these retakes for free.
2. Once you have passed the exam(s), you have the option of saving and/or print the “Recognition of Completion” certificate. This is not your official certification card & you do not need to show this to us.
STEP 4: Complete the remote skills verification
1. We are offering the remote skills session via Zoom platform as it does not require any set up. We will email you a link and you click on it and start the session at our scheduled time. Prior to your scheduled session please check your video and audio settings on your computer or phone (whichever you are using for the session) to ensure both audio and video are working correctly.                    
2. The session will take approx. 30 mins. This is a time for you to demonstrate what you've learned, ask questions and for us to help correct and guide you. We are LIVE and interactive just as if we were together in person. Be prepared by being in a quiet area with kids & pets in another room, tv/music off and good lighting. If you are doing the session from your phone please find a place to set the phone with you in full view so you can be hands free to perform skills for us.  
3. Upon completion you will be emailed your official digital certification card(s) within 24 hours. You can print the card(s) and/or forward these to your employer. Digital cards are equivalent to our printed cards and are accepted nationwide.
STEP 2: Schedule a remote skills verification session
1. Scroll through the calendar you see down below in the white box and "click here to register" next to the date and time that you want to do a remote video chat skills session. OR you can also click on the menu at the top left of every page of this website that says Register for Zoom Mtg. Both will take you to the exact same place.
NOTE: You must complete the course and pass the exam prior to your skills session
 2. After you click the link to register, it will bring you to a registration form where you will need to enter your contact information & the date/time of the skills session you want.
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