CPR Lessons Near Me

CPR classes near me
If you live along Florida's Space Coast, we are the first result when you search for "CPR classes near me".

"CPR lessons near me" is the most commonly searched phrase when searching for CPR lessons. And while many people still prefer in-person CPR classes that are nearby, technology makes it possible to certify in CPR (or recertify in CPR) anywhere you are. Now, instead of finding "CPR lessons near me", you can work with the best CPR instructors no matter where you, or they, happen to be.

CPR Lessons Online

Over the last couple of years, the nation's "Big 3" CPR accrediting agencies (The American Safety and Health Institute, The American Red Cross and The American Heart Association) developed and rolled out "blended" CPR curriculum. This blended/online approach to CPR lessons allowed more people to take their CPR lessons online, and then demonstrate their skills and complete their certification in an in-person skills test-out. This blended/online approach to CPR instruction made it more convenient, and saved time. You could now learn CPR at your own pace and according to your schedule, and the skills test-out sessions typically took less time than an entire CPR class. It has been a win-win for everyone.

CPR Classes and COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic when most of the world's face-to-face opportunities were

CardioCare CPR Training and Certification illustration of remote CPR skills verificaion
The Big 3 accrediting agencies all now allow remote skills testing via video call in lieu of in-person skills demonstrations.

shut down, the Big 3 accrediting agencies all transitioned from requiring in-person skills demonstrations to allowing skills demonstrations over a video call with an authorized CPR instructor. This important change allowed students to remotely demonstrate the physical skills that CPR requires, while remaining safe during a very uncertain time. Considering the convenience, popularity and growth of these remote skills demonstrations, it appears that video call-based skills test outs are here to stay.

CPR Classes from Anywhere

When selecting a CPR instructor, you can look beyond your neighborhood or town. Instead of choosing a CPR instructor based on how near their classroom is to you ("CPR classes near me"), you can choose a CPR instructor based on more important criteria, such as the quality of reviews they have received on Google and/or social media; or awards received for excellence in adult education.

Best CPR Classes
CardioCare CPR Training and Certification was voted the "Best of 2021" for Adult Education in the Florida cities of Melbourne, Palm Bay and Satellite Beach.

Choosing the CPR class nearest you might seem convenient for now. But, if you want a truly enjoyable, quality experience learning this valuable, life-saving skill, your best option might be a blended/online CPR class with remote skills verification with an authorized instructor, via Zoom or FaceTime. The right CPR instructor can make a big difference.

Note: CPR classes that are provided 100% online are not accepted by state agencies or other governing entities. Valid, accredited CPR classes require a live component for the physical skills demonstration, either in-person or via video call.

Kristi Karren is an Authorized Instructor, an Instructor Trainer and co-owner of CardioCare CPR Training and Certification LLC, located in Satellite Beach, Florida. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Youth Agency Administration and Recreation Management from the College of Physical Education at Brigham Young University. A mother of four, Kristi has been an active leader of youth agencies for nearly 30 years, frequently teaching (and sometimes administering) First Aid and CPR.

Kristi Karren, CardioCare CPR Training and Certification LLC
Kristi Karren, Co-owner, Authorized Instructor, Instructor Trainer, CardioCare CPR Training and Certification LLC.

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